While the good weather should not be long to arrive, the desire to drive your motorcycle again is probably greater. However, before you ride your motorcycle for the first time after winter storage, some controls are essential to enjoy your two wheels safely.

The first thing to check is the battery. If you forgot to unplugged it and to have store it away from winter humidity, the battery may be discharged. You can recharge it with a charger suitable for motorcycles or connecting it to a car with cables. If it does not start, it may be necessary to buy a new one.

The control of fluids levels is essential. Whether it is the engine oil level, the gearbox oil, the coolant level or the brake oil level, do not forget to check it out. Indeed, the coolant could freeze and crack a cylinder head or if there is no more brake fluid, it means that the brake pads are worn and they must be changed.

Tires are also an essential essential part of the safety of your motorcycle. Watch out for pression and condition and make sure there are no cracks and cuts and that the thread patterns have not reached the indicators.

The various motorcycle controls must be checked and lubricated as well as the chain tension.

Before leaving, start your motorcycle and check that everything is in order and that there is no leakage. Finally, a control of your equipments such as the condition and cleanliness of your helmet will assure you a safely first spring ride.

For peace of mind when spring will be here, take your motorcycle to your dealership Laval Moto for inspection, we are specialists in this area and have been recognized for our exceptional service.